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Tamar Herman of Billboard described it as "quirky mid-tempo" and "pulls heavily on Big Bang’s international appeal and begins with Taeyang’s English-language lovelorn verse. The song quickly morphs into an electronic hip-hop track that blends an eclectic mix of horns, synths, and tropical beats, recalling the subtle chaos of last year’s 'Bae Bae. '" The critic also ranked the track seventh in the magazine's "10 Best Big Bang Songs" list, claiming that "Fxxk It" "incorporates the best of Big Bang: strong vocals, dramatic raps, and quirky beats. " Jeff Benjamin of fuse complimented the song as a career-exemplifying and described it as "highlights the group's always-forward-thinking production along with their signature style of mixing heartfelt with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Also notable is how comfortable the guys sound on the track, particularly as Taeyang nails the all-English opening, further proving their international appeal. ". The The New York Times called the song the best from the new album, describing the track as "a slow thumper with strong singing by Daesung, tart rapping by T. O. P. , all captured in a characteristically wacky, neon-bright video. " The Star's Chester Chin said the track is a "futuristic top-notched" offering, adding that it highlights the group's "playful persona and eclectic artistry". The song was chosen by Dazed as one of the best K-Pop songs of 2016, highlighting the group's "undeniable maturity," stating that "everything here flows, no one element is too heavy-handed, and as a final single for some time due to military service, it’s a definite high to go out on. " "Fxxk It" was chosen by Stereogum as the best music video of the week, with critic Tom Breihan saying that "South Korea’s greatest boy band have mastered the visual panache of the mid’-90s alt-rock/bubblegrunge video, and none of us are safe. " Additionally, it was listed by Apple Music's as one of the best songs of the week.

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